Post tour debrief by Craig b

End of tour debrief. Thanks to each and every promoter that looked after us, all those that came to the show and anyone that offered us kind words of support. Extra special thanks to Isa from Stargazer Records for doing a fantastic job of booking the shows and Graeme Smillie for being the best co-pilot I could ask for.


Here is a lovely review of our last gig in Glasgow -


Keep in mind we are supporting Emma Pollock in London on the 15th of March (Tickets here -


Finally, the album can be found here if you are ever looking for it -



Now, about those essays I have been ignoring for over a month.....

To those who pre-ordered by Craig b


I hate to write this as a first blog post but there has been a problem with the mail out of the records.

If you aren't on Facebook or twitter you may have missed a photo of all the records packaged up that I posted last Friday the 25th? Well, even though they were all ready to go, there has been a series of errors that has left me incredibly angry and frustrated. Our postal service in the UK (Royal Mail) is a joke and they have really messed things up for this release date.

If you pre-ordered the album before September the 25th then the UK orders might get there by Friday but maybe Saturday, mainland Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc) will hopefully get the record by Tuesday the 6th, America and Canada are looking at around Thursday the 8th.

I'm really sorry about this. It's embarrassing to be honest. There are a few orders that didn't make the original delivery that I posted out later that will get there in time but it will only be a small lucky handful.

The small consolation is that the digital version that you get for free because you pre-ordered from bandcamp will be released around midnight tonight. You can at least hear the album as planned.

Please accept my apologies. I'm totally gutted to be honest. I hope it will still be worth the wait.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.